Romanian photographer and LGBTQ+ activist based in Madrid, recipient of the European Tolerance Award 2018.

"N•A•K•E•D emerged from the need for visibility of the LGBTQ+ community and from my desire to help those who aren’t part of our sexual minority to get to know us. To understand our struggles and strenghts, our fears and victories.

•FAMILY• was born a year later. I wanted to capture the intimacy and love between men. I hope people will eventually understand that diversity means normality and that we’re not less human, or almost human — therefore,  human rights and equal civil rights should apply to us too. 

I want to give a face and a voice to those that the homophobes hate without even knowing. I want them to understand that we’re not really all that different, and that our sexuality doesn’t define us as people.

I want N•A•K•E•D and •FAMILY• to be emotional journeys for them. I hope that they feel sadness and joy, fear and hope, shame and courage. I hope that they take a good look at my photos and read all the stories, so they can see what homophobia feels like. By knowing and understanding us, they can become our allies."

Photo credit: Javier Santiago